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O'Reilly HeadFirst - Object Oriented Analysis and Design
O'Reilly HeadFirst - Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Object Oriented Analysis and Design is another book from head first series dealing with design and analysis phases in software development. Those phases are probably the most crucial phases to contribute to the success of a software product. Those days most of the folks focus on the development and programming phase and tend to forget the design phase. The book comes to bring some light and shows the importance and best practices in gathering the requirements, what analysis means, best practices in good design and how (not) to have an oo catastrophe. You can get more details about the oo lifecycle and how the customer feedback can be integrated in the software through the iterations, without creating a total mess.

The code is minimalistic, written in java or pseudocode. The book has a lot of examples, pictures, diagrams notes and simple uml diagrams easy to understand by all developers with a little object oriented background

The book is available on Amazon. You can take a look on the Table of Contents or on the sample chapter: Chapter 3: I Love You, You’re Perfect...Now Change: Requirements Change

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